Monday, 9 May 2016

Getting Started

The Sanparks Honorary Rangers of the West Coast Region has a Heritage Information Centre at the Seeberg Lookout Point.
Below is a list of some Posters on display in the center and each with a link to a PDF version which is downloadable for Reading and/or printing.
Work on these is 'under construction' and all materials are presently displayed as Draft and 'As is'. More posters will be added soon and updates done to the existing ones - date stamped.
Simply click on the poster name to access it.

  West Coast Region     
      Saldanha Bay
      Early Cultural Heritage
      Location Map
      Farms around the area                                                     
      Langebaan's people and whaling
      Jutten Island
      Malgas Island
      Pelicans on Jutten & Malgas
      Postberg Settlement
      First People Koina & Sanqua
      Other VOC Outstations 
      First Colonists - VOC Company
      Panoramic Hotel